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Adjustable Speed Drives

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The Flux Drive Inline Adjustable Speed Drive (ASD-IL) is a soft-start coupling with the added ability to configure linear engagement between the rotating magnets and a patented induction rotor, allowing for cushioned start, variable speed control and substantial energy savings. The drive consists of two independently rotating halves separated by a 0.070” air gap. When motionless, magnetic attraction between the rotor and cylinder portions of the drive is relatively low. As relative motion increases a directional current is developed inside the induction rotor. This current creates a magnetic coupling effect that builds rapidly across the air gap until the load begins to rotate. The time between full “slip” at startup and full load speed is the soft-start period – typically 5-10 seconds. Variable speed can then be achieved by dynamically adjusting the amount of overlap between the magnets and the induction rotor while the motor is running. Pulling the induction rotor out of the magnetic field weakens the coupling effect, allowing the load to slow down. The motor continues to operate efficiently at its rated speed but, on centrifugal devices, torque requirements quickly drop. This “unloads” the motor and results in lower amperage and kW consumption.

Adjustable Speed Control & Soft-Start for Inline Applications Soft-start and Utility Demand Charges Motor driven applications typically require maximum power (kW) at start-up – up to 7 times normal running power. Utilities will often penalize customers for this high kW “demand”. With the Flux Drive MAS, the motor and load are disconnected at start-up, resulting in significantly reduced locked rotor current and drastically reduced initial kW demand.

 Benefits of Adjustable Speed Drives:

  • Truly a ‘Green’ technology
  • Provides soft-start, dynamic mechanical variable speed control, AND energy savings
  • Reduces motor and load maintenance related to vibration and torsional shock
  • Operates in hot, wet, dirty, corrosive environments
  • No harmonics or shaft current damage
  • Protects equipment from load seizures
  • Not impacted by power spikes, sags, or dirty power effects
  • Works with any motor & voltage
  • Simple 5-minute annual maintenance procedure
  • Decades of useful life - fully rebuildable with inexpensive and widely available bearings
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