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Products by Industry

Products for the Navy, including Navy-Qualified Actuators

Our line of actuators and valves are primarily used aboard Navy ships and associated Shipbuilders. Built to the strictest DOD standards, we have been supplying products to the US Navy for over 30 years.  Our newest line of actuators are the most capable actuators available, completely non-intrusive for set up and programming.  They are available in support of any shipboard communication system and operate in the most extreme, rugged applications. Our valves and gearboxes are tough and built for the life of the platform.    

Custom Valve Actuators and Components for Rigorous Industries

We are currently developing a line of actuators designed for rugged industrial applications where durability and reliability is paramount.  Fire resistant, explosion proof and easily set-up and programmed are characteristics of our products.  This line will include actuators sized from the smallest torque requirements to the largest.  Call for more information on this new line of actuators. 

Flux Drive Magnetic Couplings

We also offer Flux Drive magnetic drive coupling products.  They are used around the world in various applications employing the use of electric motors 10 HP and above.  They are commonly found in pumping and fan operations in industrial facilities, aquariums, conveyer operations, mining equipment, etc. and offer an excellent alternative to VFDs and other speed control devices.  They are available in fixed speed and actuated variable speed configurations. 
To learn more about how we can help you in your industry, please contact us or request a quote today!