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FireSeal Ventilation Valve Closures

Our FireSeal Ventilation Valve Closures are used in low pressure systems for containment of gasses and fluids where air or water-tight closure is essential.  They are entirely made in America and machined in our production facility in Kent, Wa.  They are built to NAVSEA standard drawings, are easy to install and will last the life of the ship.  These valves provide a fire-proof boundary with special seals that ensure compartment integrity.  The lug system allows for easy installation for the pipefitter and are beefy enough to not warp.  

FireSeal Ventiliation Valve Closure Specifications

  • Round Sizes 2-1/2 through 36 inch
  • Obround sizes 2-1/2 by 5 to 20 by 30
  • Pressure rated 15 PSI at 200°F
  • 316 Stainless Steel body and disk
  • Low operating torque
  • Pressure tested at 30 PSI - no leakage
  • Fire qualified to 1800°F
  • Full lug complement for leak proof mounting
  • Silicone flange and disk seals standard
  • Pure carbon braid shaft seal
  • Meet Navy HVAC system fire and leak specifications

FireSeal Ventiliation Valve Closure Options

  • Electric actuation
  • Hand wheel Worm Gear actuation
  • Handle operation
To learn more about FireSeal Ventilation Valve Closures, please contact us or request a quote today!