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Valve Actuators & Gearboxes

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Tri-Tec Manufacturing produces a wide variety of valve actuators and gearboxes, giving you a large number of options and control for your valve operations. From finely machined, easy-to-operate manual gearboxes to the most sophisticated electronic actuators, Tri-Tec Manufacturing can provide the product best suited to your needs. Our electronic and legacy actuators are the best in the industry. The newly designed electronic actuators and motor operated valves are completely non-intrusive for set-up and programming, thus requiring no shipboard electrical tag-out to adjust or change settings.  Our actuators and valves are reliable, delivering years of consistent position and torque accuracy. 

Our Navy-Qualified Actuators Offer Excellence and Consistency

You can trust Tri-Tec Manufacturing for legacy and hydraulic actuators that are rugged and built to go the distance. In services for years on the Navy's amphibious and cruiser fleet, these valve actuators have durable bronze housings, plus a tried and true mechanical drive system. While they do not have all the capabilities of our electronic actuators, they are the solution for certain applications or for ships where commonality is important. Our Navy-qualified valve actuators get the job done, including meeting DOD-V-24657 requirements.

Our manual gearboxes are built for the life of the ship.  There are durable and rarely require any maintenance or repair.  You can’t go wrong with a Tri-Tec manufactured gearbox.   

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