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NE Series Electronic Valve Actuators

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The NE series electronic valve actuators are low-cost, high-performance electronic valve actuators designed to meet the severe environments encountered by the United States Navy daily. The compact main housing provides high strength and economical design. The NE series electronic valve actuator has several value-added features, including an embedded processor, I/O Interface, and network interface that accommodates distributed autonomous valve control systems. 

This electronic valve actuator is the newest addition to Tri-Tec’s actuator line. It can be completely remotely programmed and set up, is lightweight (about 50 pounds), and has the torque to operate all but the largest valves.

NE Series Electronic Valve Actuator Capabilities

  • Quarter-turn and multi-turn valve applications
  • Up to 12,000 in-lbs. torque for quarter-turn applications
  • Electronically adjustable torque and position limits
  • Adjustable mechanical end stops
  • Local, remote station, or digital network control
  • Local operation by push-button or hand wheel
  • Non-intrusive local service and programming port
  • Externally programmable using accessory device
  • Folding spinner handle for rapid manual actuation through differential drive
  • Thermal sensor over-temperature controller
  • 115VAC single phase or 440VAC three phase power supply

Optional Features:

  • PROFIBUS DPV0 or Modbus RTU networking protocols
  • Configurable analog and digital inputs and outputs

NE Series Electronic Valve Actuator Specifications

  • Model Number: NE211N (DOD-V-24657(SH)Type II, Class I, Service I)
  • Model Number: NE111N (DOD-V-24657(SH) Type I, Class I, Service I)
  • Housing :  Cast ductile iron
  • Hardware: Corrosion resistant
  • Handwheel: 4” with folding spinner
  • Motor: Built to MIL-M-17059
  • Motor Voltage:115 VAC, single phase 60 Hz or 440 VAC, 3 phase 60 Hz
  • Gear reduction: Double reduction, worm and helical gearing
  • Output torque: up to 12,000 in-lbs. quarter-turn
  • Output speed: 30 seconds or less quarter-turn or 3.94 in/min or faster multi-turn
  • Finish:  Ductile Iron - Light grey or Marine Blue enamel or powder coating per MIL-E-15090C
  • Weight: 50 to 55 lbs.

Environmental Specifications

  • Temperature:-20F to 150F per DOD-V-24657(SH)
  • Humidity: 100% humidity at 65° per MIL-STD-202
  • Submersion: To 15 meters per MIL-STD-108
  • Electronics :EMI per MIL-STD-461
  • Shock and Vibration: Per MIL-S-901D and MIL-STD-167-1
  • First Article: Per DOD-V-24657(SH)
The NE valve actuator is compact, can handle numerous communication protocols and is easily configurable. 

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