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Electronic Valve Actuators

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The United States Navy maintains strict requirements for equipment. Any piece of equipment used on Navy vessels must meet standards for fire, shock, noise, vibration, and EMI. Tri-Tec Manufacturing produces electronic actuators that meet all of these requirements.

We produce the most advanced DOD spec electronic actuators in the industry.  Our actuators contain onboard computer controlling settings and communication, replacing the legacy style mechanical position relays and manual set ups.  Our electronic models can be programmed remotely eliminating the need to open the unit during initial set up and testing.  Our electronic valve actuator is designed specifically to meet the requirements of the U.S. Navy for a high performance electric drive suitable for installation in all applications and environments. The design incorporates the latest technology to provide a reliable compact actuator. The actuator is constructed to allow for range of maintenance-free construction for general applications to high-tech alloys for applications that require particular attention to the overall weight.

Navy-Qualified Actuator Design & Materials

Our electronic actuators are available with cast housings in 2 different materials depending on the Class - Bronze or Ductile Iron -- furnished for Class I and Class II, general applications

Specifications for Electronic Valve Actuators 

Electronic valve actuators are designed and built to meet the requirements of DOD-V-24657(SH).  

  • First Article to DOD-V-24657(SH), includes cycle testing for 20,000 cycles at the rated torque and conducted with simulated load

  • Shock -- MIL-S-901 Grade A, Class 1, hull mounted

  • Vibration -- MIL-STD-167-1 mounted on the valve

  • Submersion -- enclosure MIL-STD-108 to withstand to 15 meters

  • Humidity -- MIL-STD-202, 100% humidity at 65°C

  • Electromagnetic interference -- MIL-STD-461 and in accordance with MIL-STD-462

  • Overload  -- Both open and closed positions with the limit switches and the torque switches bypassed

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