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900 Series Legacy Actuators

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Tri-Tec Manufacturing produces the most rugged DOD spec electric actuators in the industry. Our MOV Valve Actuator is designed specifically to meet the requirements of the U.S. Navy for a high performance electric drive suitable for installation in all applications and environments.  The actuators are constructed to allow for range of maintenance-free bronze construction for general applications to high-tech alloys for applications that require particular attention to the overall weight. The actuators are made from maintenance-free bronze construction

900 Series Electric Valve Actuator Design & Materials

MOV Actuators are available with cast housings in Bronze.
All motors are furnished to MIL-M-17059 Service A for frame size 48 and 56 for Type II Quarter Turn Valves, Type I may require a larger motor to MIL-M-17060 depending upon the torque requirements. Motor options are as follows:
  • Sealed Insulation Systems -- Motors are available from qualified suppliers to meet the Sealed Systems specification in MIL-M-17060.
  • Thermal Sensor Monitor -- When specified, the motors are furnished with 3 Positive Temperature Coefficient Thermal Sensors (Thermistors) embedded in the windings to have an increase in resistance of 15% per degree at the thermal rating of the insulation system. The sensors are matched and calibrated with an over-temperature controller which is a calibrated solid-state device with a Triac output to disconnect the power to the reversing contactor in the event of an over-temperature condition.
Limit Switches
Our legacy electric actuators are furnished with 6 independently adjustable limit switches to indicate the precise position

Specifications & Testing
MOV Valve Actuators are designed, built and tested to meet the requirements of DOD-V-24657(SH)

  • Type I Actuators for multi-turn Valves (Gate, Globe, Non-return, etc.), with torque ranges up to 250 ft/lbs
  • Type II for Quarter turn Valves, (Butterfly, Ball, Plug, etc.), with torque ranges up to 50,000 in/lbs
  • Class I -- for general applications
  • Class II -- for non-magnetic & corrosive environments
  • Class III -- for lightweight requirements
  • Service I – submersible
  • Service II -- explosion proof
  • Service III -- submersible & explosion proof
First Article to DOD-V-24657(SH)
  • Shock -- MIL-S-901 Grade A, Class 1, hull mounted
  • Vibration -- MIL-STD-167-1 mounted on the valve
  • Airborne Noise – Mil –STD-740
  • Life cycle testing for 20,000 cycles at rated torque and simulated load
  • Fire Test – 30 Mins at 1500 degrees
  • Humidity -- MIL-STD-202, tested at 100% humidity at 65°C
  • Electromagnetic interference -- MIL-STD-461 and tested per MIL-STD-462
  • Stalled motor heat rise – Locked rotor
  • Thrust and Torque test -  validation of performance
  • Submersion -- enclosure MIL-STD-108 and tested to 15 meters
  • Overload test -- Both open and closed positions with the limit switches and the torque switches bypassed

Legacy Vavle Actuator Series:

993 Actuator – ¼ turn, multiple schematics for all classes of surface combatants.  Torques up to 35000 inch lbs.  Weight 125 pounds
901 Actuator – Our simplest, heavy duty multi-turn with multiple schematics for all classes of surface combatants.  Gate and globe valves up to 14 inch,   Weight 160 pounds
906 Actuator - multi-turn, multiple schematics for all classes of surface combatants.  Gate and globe valves up to 6 Inch.  Pushbutton controls, weight 150 pounds
924 Actuator - Linear electric actuator used in the chilled water system for Sea Wolf and Virginia Class Submarines
To learn more about 900 Series Legacy Electric Valve Actuators, please contact us or request a quote today!